Samsung to Phase Out Symbian by 2011

Posted by Sushant Ghargi, Chief International Correspondent
on Nov 21st, 2009 GMT +2

samsung logo Samsung to Phase Out Symbian by 2011SEOUL, South Korea - After creating a market uproar by announcing its indigenous mobile OS Bada, Samsung is in the news again. The second-largest handset manufacturer is expected to discontinue its Symbian lineup by 2011, followed by reduction in Windows Mobile models as per the predictions of  HMC Investment Securities Analyst Greg Noh. The only non-Samsung platform that is expected to receive increased attention from the Korean electronics giant is Google Android.

With Nokia also overlooking the Symbian platform for its upcoming Nseries devices, the future looks rather bleak for the Symbian ecosystem. However, Nokia have announced that its Xseries and Eseries devices will continue to be powered by Symbian OS.

Samsung's Symbian devices, which have always suffered from lack of periodic updates and support from third-party developers, will finally be phased-out by late next year. The market failure of the Samsung Omnia i8910 HD, one of the most impressive Symbian S60 fifth-edition phones, may have forced the Korean manufacturer to scrap its Symbian plans altogether to concentrate on its very own platform Bada along with Android.

HMC Investment

Another platform losing out in the battle is Microsoft's Windows Mobile. The platform, which has always been blamed for its unintuitive UI has just got better with the release of Windows Mobile 6.5, or Windows Phone, which is believed to have overcome some of the limitations of its predecessors. However, competing against the likes of Android and Samsung's yet-to-be-released Bada, the number of Windows Mobile-based  devices from Samsung is expected to drop to 30% by the end of 2010.

The present predictions made by HMC Securities seem to be assuming instant market acceptance of the all new Bada platform, which is largely unlikely. However, the ageing Symbian and Windows Mobile may have seen the last ray of sun in the Samsung portfolio.

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