Rumour: iPhone 3G S 8GB to replace iPhone 3G 8GB

iphone 3g 300x224 Rumour: iPhone 3G S 8GB to replace iPhone 3G 8GBCUPERTINO, USA - Overwhelmed by the positive response to its recently launched iPhone 3G S, Apple is believed to be considering to replace iPhone 3G 8 GB - the lowest priced of the iPhones - with an iPhone 3G S 8GB model.

The Cupertino-based company has recorded an upward surge in the stock market ever since it announced the launch of iPhone 3G S during this year's WWDC in June. The iPhone 3G which was first announced in July last year has been losing its foothold in the smartphone segment, with competitors upgrading the hardware and software capability of their competing devices. However, Apple regained the top spot with the all-new iPhone 3G S, equipped with a faster processor and powered by the next-generation iPhone OS 3.0. Such has been the market acceptability of the latest iPhone that sales continue to outnumber availability, even in the present economic recession, which has been the worst the world has seen in the recent times.

rogers 225x300 Rumour: iPhone 3G S 8GB to replace iPhone 3G 8GB

Image Courtesy of Boy Genius Report

During the recent WWDC, it was also announced the price reduction of the updated iPhone 3G, the higher priced iPhone 3G S continues to oversell the older version. The price reduction may have been an attempt from Apple to clear out its 3G inventory prior to the launch of lower-priced iPhone 3G S. The leaked documents of Rogers Canada seem to confirm the phase-out plan of iPhone 3G. While there has been no word on the pricing or availability, the 8GB version of iPhone 3G S can be expected to be priced in the vicinity of US$99-149 on a two-year contract, considering the fact that the 16GB and 32GB presently retail at US$199 and US$299 on a two-year contract respectively.

Apple is known for its innovative marketing strategies prior to the phasing-out of products, and the latest price reduction of the iPhone 3G during the WWDC may just have been another attempt for the phasing-out of an outdated model. While the sales figures of the iPhone 3G S have been more than impressive, an 8GB version can further strengthen the market performance of the device.


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