Review: Samsung S8500 Wave with Bada

Posted by Meraj Chhaya, Editor-in-Chief
on Jul 1st, 2010 GMT +2

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Samsung S8500 Wave live reviewJOHANNESBURG, South Africa – When it comes to the high-end Samsung Wave smartphone, the main item of discussion is its software, Bada.

The Wave comes as an accessory to carry Samsung's brand new smartphone operating system to the leaderboard of the mobile market.

For the customer wanting to buy this handset, possibly the one reading this review right now, the Samsung Wave and Bada should be the very best in market, as that's the minimum requirement for Samsung to even think about tapping this segment.

It is clear that the South Korean electronics giant wasn't in the mood to pay software-sales royalties to Google (Android) or Microsoft (Windows Phone) when an app is sold on a Samsung phone. So very simply, with Bada, whenever a user purchases an app, money goes directly to Samsung – and to the developer as well, of course.

The smartphone operating system market is highly-competitive, possibly even more competitive than the hardware one, as software powers the phones. Google Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and the other smaller players won't be willing to concede Samsung an easy entry, although with its large market share – Samsung is the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world – it won't be too difficult.

Samsung S8500 Wave live review

Going back to the actual phone, the Samsung Wave is a high-end smartphone with a large 3.3” Super AMOLED touchscreen display, 1.5GB of internal storage, a microSD memory card for expansion, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi and HSPA connectivity, GPS, a 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording support, FM radio, and many other components.

It runs on the first release of Bada, and is powered by an ARM Cortex A8 1GHz chip. A 1500mAh bundled battery is understood to provide it up to 16 hours of talk-time in GSM, and up to 650 hours of standby-time in the same frequency.

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4 Responses for “Review: Samsung S8500 Wave with Bada”

  1. Palesa says:

    As usual, great review, Meraj :)

    Route 66 is the navigation solution offered on the Samsung Wave and it’s free. Yours may not have worked due to your handset being a marketing sample. Please get in contact with us so we can sort it out for you.

    Palesa | Samsung Blog team

  2. Junior in Jamaica says:

    Nice review.

    Just a point of note…you called the screen 3.3″ on page 1 and 3.5″ on page 2. Page 2 is incorrect.

  3. Pieter says:

    So does this mean the Samsung S8500 is finally available? The cellphone service providers cant tell me. They say they only find out every month when new pricing comes out if a phone is available or not, that’s what they tried to tell me lol thanks

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