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Posted by Meraj Chhaya, Editor-in-Chief
on Dec 16th, 2009 GMT +2

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Nokia N900 live hands-on review (4)JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - The Maemo line has gone from serving Nokia's internet tablets to now featuring in one flagship smartphone. The Finnish manufacturer has realized that S60 is not the way, and is betting on a Linux-based platform for its high-end touchscreen devices. The Nokia N900 is this high-end touchscreen smartphone, and it targets every segment of the mobile market.

The device practically contains the same components as the high-end flagship N97, besides the form factor, a different aspect ratio, and of course, the software. This will, in part, allow Nokia to observe which platform users prefer, and even which form factor - slide-up or tilt - is here to stay.

The Symbian platform on which S60 runs was first constructed as a non-touchscreen smartphone operating system, and with the release of the touchscreen Nokia 5800, too few alterations were made for it to be compatible. As a result, dedicated touchscreen platforms such as that of the iPhone took advantage in this sector. Nokia took a clever, however late step in simply tapping into Maemo's potential for actual phones. The company already made use of the Linux operating system for its internet tablets, such as the N810.

Below you have a selection of Nokia N900 phones on sale on Ebay:

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The Nokia N900 will be more appealing to the feature-focused audience, although its glossy design could also attract the general crowd. A full QWERTY keyboard means that messaging and IM addicts will enjoy the handset, and lastly, the kickstand at the back allows proper playback of music and videos.

Nokia N900 live hands-on review (2)

Developing for an open-source platform is also easier and more advanced for programmers, and with the Ovi Store already functional, both developers and users will profit (in different meanings of the word) from the N900.

In terms of specifications, the smartphone features a 3.5" touchscreen display with 800x480 pixels in resolution, 32GB internal memory with support for a microSD memory card, a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics camera with autofocus and dual-LED flash, FM transmitter, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, HSPA connectivity, and A-GPS for geo-tagging and navigation.

The device is powered by an ARM Cortex A8 system at 600MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics, and 1GB of RAM (768MB are virtual) which should keep the Maemo platform running smoothly.

For Nokia N900 and Maemo 5 dedicated content, visit PhoneReport's Nokia N900 Blog.

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6 Responses for “Review: Nokia N900”

  1. Taku says:

    When does people start to understand that amount of megapixels in digital cameras are NOT the most important thing to look. For example in handheld devices where ccd-sensor has to be very small in physical size, I’d prefer little less megapixels and therefore more light and less noise. I’d say that with today’s technology 5 Mpix is the maximum they should even consider because that piece of plastic they call Carl Zeiss optics can NOT draw the image on the sensor any sharper, so all the leftover pixels are no use and they really are there in expence of luminosity and noise reduction.

  2. Axel Cortez says:

    i would point the same if i want large resolution i have a T1i for that task, i would take a 3.2mp sensor with less noise and better tweaked, but saddly MP sells quality doesnt

  3. Meraj Chhaya says:

    Actually the entire camera module is built by Carl Zeiss, and if you look at my test results, the image is quite clear, and does not have any noise.

    Of course, you cannot compare it to a SLR, but you can compare it to a P&S.

    I’ve seen far worst quality in camera-phones, but the N900 is not bad at all.

  4. sridhar says:

    i have nokia n97 but according to me it is worst phone i faced lot of problems with it expically with is charging pin and now iam thinking to buy n900 but this phone also has same charging pin which n97has iam getting very afraid to buy n900 and u say weather to buy or no and say me how n900 works or should i take any other phone and my budge is stii 30 thousand please sugest me requesting

  5. hanif says:

    i am using N900 i had buy from dubai but i am getting problem i cant check balance enquiry i am dialling *123# but it shows incorrect no can anyone tell how to overcome from this problem

  6. Ady says:

    Thank you for your complete review. Nice works.

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