Nokia Music Store to Become Ovi Music, Offering DRM-Free Music

Posted by Meraj Chhaya, Editor-in-Chief
on Feb 27th, 2010 GMT +2

Nokia Comes with Music 300x300 Nokia Music Store to Become Ovi Music, Offering DRM Free MusicESPOO, Finland - In a move that will further unify its services under the Ovi brand, the Nokia's Music Store will soon become Ovi Music, and will offer DRM-free tracks, enabling those who purchase it, to play it across several devices.

Nokia's Ovi is a platform that offers multimedia sharing, games, maps, and soon, music as well. It started to promote S60 smartphones adoption, but it is clear that it will soon be compatible with Nokia's entire range of mobile phones and even its netbook.

Now that hardware features are becoming less competitive, and that the software market is saturated, only the internet services could leverage a company's position in the mobile phone sector, and that's where Ovi kicks in for Nokia. The Finnish giant is clearly expecting the user to choose the brand not only for the hardware or software, but for Ovi.

With DRM-free music, users will be able to play their purchased music in any electronic device. Previously, there was a limit on how many computers and phones the music could be stored in. Although this may attract more buyers, it will certainly increase piracy.

Ovi services are all moving towards being free of cost. More recently, Nokia announced Ovi Maps, previously known as Nokia Maps, were completely free for all its current and upcoming mobile phones. This gave it an advantage in the GPS market. Further betting on these extra services should aid Nokia in keeping its top position in terms of market share.

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