iPhone vs BlackBerry: It Comes Down to the Antenna

Posted by David Fein, RIM-affairs Correspondent
on Jul 20th, 2010 GMT +2

CUPERTINO,BlackBerry storm parabolic antenna USA - The last week has been an interesting one for the iPhone 4 and Steve Jobs. This reporter has been waiting for this day to arrive! With a long background in RF and Microwave engineering and product development, watching events unfold has been fascinating.

Since the launch of the iPhone, the primary function of these devices has been diluted, remember when they were phones? Evaluating a mobile device used to be based on how well it would connect to the network and complete a call. Phones were graded on RF sensitivity, transmit power, and battery life. Now the paradigm has shifted to how many apps a user can load (useful or not), how many megapixel on the camera, and device memory.

The circle is complete with Steve Jobs standing in front of the world and admitting that the radio in iPhone 4 is not adequate, and offering a free case to mitigate the issue. Not willing to leave a sleeping dog to lie, Jobs had to take a swipe at the closest competition, claiming that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has antenna issues as well. True or not, it is interesting to see a self-professed computer guy pontificating about Radio Frequency Theory and practice.

From personal experience, the Storm1 was slightly better than the Storm2, RF wise. Motorola’s E815 was the best this consumer had ever used, a balanced blend between functionality and great coverage.

Perhaps this "discussion" between Jobs and BlackBerry will bring some focus back to the primary objective of these devices:  stay connected.

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