How to fix a water-damaged phone

Posted by Meraj Chhaya, Editor-in-Chief
on May 28th, 2008 GMT +2

If you're phone has been damaged by water, or you accidentally dropped it somewhere, here's a tutorial to fix your water-damaged phone without running to a repair shop or the manufacturer:

1 How to fix a water damaged phone

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52 Responses for “How to fix a water-damaged phone”

  1. Mia Champagne says:

    i'm soaking my LG chocolate in rice now! just got it wet yesterday. well, the boyfriend did. just a little sweat from a waterbottle. who knew such little amount of water can cause good amount of damage?! we'll see if this theory works. i'll post again tomorrow and let you know (:

  2. meraj says:

    looking forward to see what happens.

    good luck!

  3. Mia Champagne says:

    i'm soaking my LG chocolate in rice now! just got it wet yesterday. well, the boyfriend did. just a little sweat from a waterbottle. who knew such little amount of water can cause good amount of damage?! we'll see if this theory works. i'll post again tomorrow and let you know (:

  4. meraj says:

    looking forward to see what happens.

    good luck!

  5. Madison B. says:

    I dropped my phone in a puddle outside. It works perfectly but the screen is black. You can talk or do anything, but you can't see it!!! HELP!!

    • nand says:

      my phone fell and it works but can’t see anything on the screen

      so we in the same boat

  6. charles moore says:

    i did the exact same thing as her….dropped it in a puddle and the screen is black….what do i do?

  7. Junie says:

    id see if there are any fast ways to get it done quick!!
    but that happened to me n my nokia5600 but without the water.. n after a while it works fine!

    I got mine waterdamaged AGAIN tho.. so it'll need to be checked anyway.

  8. Micheal says:


  9. j says:

    i was pushed into a pool yesterday ad my brand new htc touch diamond was in my pocket..its shut off right awy so ..i tried this soaking in rice myth its seem to almost work my phone turns on but i cant see anything on the screen it turn a blackish blue colour…i think its the touch screen that got damaged ..any ideas on how to fix it or how much it will run me to get it repaired ??????? help!

  10. liam says:

    same happend to me today i fell in a river and it wouldnt turn on i put the rice method didnt work i also tried blow drying it it turned on for about 5 min then turned off and no luck now :(

  11. shinners says:

    i dropped my phone down the toilet on thursday night and on friday i tried blow drying it. it didnt work :( im now trying the rice thing but its a good few days later.. does anyone think it will work? its a samsung u600 btw. not the best phone but i loved it lol

  12. jimag says:

    I had the same experience. My N96 was soak in water. I had it fixed at the service center. After they had it cleaned still it won’t power up. After reading the experiences from the readers. By soaking it in an uncooked rice overnight. It power ups already. But only the master or center button lighted. The screed is black and the rest of the keyboard buttons doesn’t light. Please, help solve my problem. thanks.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I am trying the rice right now I dropped my brand new 2 day old Motorola Cliq in the toilet please tell me this rice will work

  14. jimag says:

    Hello! Jennifer, as long as you have not put “on” your Motorola after soaking in water, you have 80% of cellphone recovery. Remove the battery and air-blow your cellphone. Soak it overnight in a sealed “Tupperware” with rice. Your phone is still under warranty you bring it immediately to the service center. But, it you had it put “on” after soaking, you can say good bye to your unit. Because it shorts circuits the IC’s components. I hope this help you.

  15. Troy G says:

    hola, I bought a used Nokia N95-3 off a local used items website. When I checked the phone out before paying the guy everything worked fine. But after a week the screen went completely white. The phone still works and I can call out and receive calls and texts with the white screen (but obviously can’t read the texts). After blow drying it for a lengthy period of time the display worked again. But every damp and cold day the display dies again. I believe the contacts on the slide screen are the problem. Is it worth taking this to a repair shop? Is it possible to fix this somehow? Can I fix it? I love the phone and it’s features but they’re useless at the moment.

  16. yaa says:

    i dropped my nokia 6700in the toilet yesterday and i dried it with a towel and then turned it on. it turned on for two mins and then went off. i have tried blow drying it and it is still not coming on. i want to try the rice method today for 24 hours and see if it will work. but pls help me if there is anything else i can do to gat it work?

  17. uhuh says:

    yaa, if ur fone turned on for a few minutes then stopped working…u have short circuted the battery…u shouldnt of turned the fone on for a few days until u were sure the water was completely gone…try putting it in te bowl of rice or cleaning it lightly with vacume…..dont use a blow dryer s u can demages the burn the circuts

  18. olivia says:

    i have an LG dare and it got into a puddle of water on my sink and i wiped off the cover thinking it was fine .. continued texting and hten it powereed off.. i put it in rice over night and nothing happened. any ideasS?

  19. Tee Jay says:

    My LG Voyager got soaked from being in my pocket while i went sledding. I had it in a ziploc bag but I guess water still got through. I continued to text and when I got home it powered off. Im trying the rice thing now lets hope it works!

  20. Justin Rexx says:

    I spilled a glass of Pepsi yesterday and it got the back of my Intensity. The problem is you can receive calls and messages, but the ear and mouth piece did not work and when I receive a text it tries to call the person who sent it automatically. however, it stopped this for an hour yesterday, started doing it again, then stopped for about 5 hours before starting again. It stopped dialing out this morning but has since started again. How else can I fix this besides rice, will this problem sort itself out after a few days??

  21. Greywolf says:

    Have used this method successfully on both an IPOD Classic and a Nokia 5800, placing in an airing cupboard speeds up the process as well

  22. iPhoned says:

    A creative temporary fix, but unless you dropped the device into distilled water, don’t expect it to live forever. Circuit traces can eventually short or corrode over time. Miracles are not impossible, however. I drowned my Casio Scientific watch and thought it was dead, but their authorized repair shop in L.A. cleaned it up, fixing it a decade later.

  23. Cheno says:

    This really works even if the phone has been outside in the snow for 3 months. Just take it apart and place it in a container of rice and wait a few days. It worked for me and I am so happy because I did not lose any information.

  24. amy addams says:

    my phone was in snow since febuary 10 th to march 13 th because i thought i lost my phone but i had just dropped it in the snow that was up to my nees and my uncle found it in his yard 3 days ago when the snow finally melted my phone is a lg dare and it had an invisible shield on and my uncle put it on the heater and then put it to charge it works but the camra is foggy and the recorder only works if you yell really loud. so how am i going to talk on it well only if i use earphones with a mike :( sadly i put it in rice just now so hopefully it wont have too much damage.
    but what should i exspect it was in stupid Canadian snow for about a month and a week!
    not to mention i only had the phone for like a year and i am only 12 years old

  25. Coti says:

    I dropped my phone into the toilet last night but the battery didn’t fall in just the phone itself. After hand drying it and disassembling and blow drying it then reassembling it there was a little bit of glitching in the screen and when I would press 1 it would do all of that row. Same for any button. I called the sprint customer service center for troubleshooting ideas to make it work quicker and they told me to remove the battery which it already was and plug it into the charger…. It turned on for maybe half a second and turned off and repeated this for about 2 hours then it gave me the emergency download screen: problem USB port which is where my charger port is. If I had to guess I would say something got shorted out. Does anyone with a little more knowledge recommend anything, or think this would help matters at all?

  26. sad t-mobile CLIQ user says:

    so i have this bad habit of holding my phone under my chin wen i have no free hands. well today in one of my hands was a cup of tea, while pulling my keys out of the door…looking up…my phone slipped in to my cup of tea…because i know that the best thing to do is turn off yur phone i did. but mine was still working the touch screen was still moving things as i struggled to take out the battery. i blow dryed it the best i could but now it wont turn on. so now i put it in the bowl of rise i hope it helps!! :( fingers crossed! ):

  27. sugu says:

    My wife forgot to remove Nokia 3210 from her pants which she put into a washing machine. Do you how a washing machine works? After going through the washing machine, she found the phone. She removed the battery and the SIM card and let it to dry in the house for three days. After three days, once the battery and the SIM were placed in the phone, it WORKED. It WORKED as usual.

    NOKIA- please note my comment.

  28. Devyn says:

    i just got my motorola back flip and this morning i droped it in toliet….i freaker out for half a second to long just staring at it before i could decide to grab it. i took it apart as quickly as i could and got as much of the water that i could. i really hop this rice thing works cuz i’ve already gone through two samsung eternity’s with water damage… mom still doesn’t really kno why i just put my new phone in a bowl of rice….ahhhh i hope this works or i’m not going to hear the end of this for a while :’(

  29. Vara Prasad says:

    My motorola Phone has soaked in water will it work?

  30. carladarling says:

    There is a moisture indicator inside the phone, it`s like a little sticker and it changes colours when exposed to moisture. Sometimes all it takes is steam from being in the bathroom when you shower. Getting your phone wet will void the warranty even if the phone continues to work – so beware if your phone stops working in any way…don`t expect your phone manufacturer to cover any of the costs for repair… they will see that the moisture indicator colour has changed and will not cover it. If your phone works after being exposed to water you should consider yourself lucky because it is not the usual outcome. I would suggest not taking your phone into the bathroom… ever! There is too much water/moisture in that room.

  31. rhian says:

    Hi my friend dropped my phone in a cup of tea and i blow dried it for a while but still didn’t work then i put on charge the light showed up but then when i tried putting the battery in the light went back off and it still won’t switch on :\ i’ve unplugged it now and removed the charger and sim etc and put it in rice so hopefully it will work, is there anything else that i can do? x

  32. Louis says:

    I think I can kiss my phone goodbye forever. Was out in heavy rain for like 7 minutes, phone was in pocket. Got in; it was working, just seemed a little wet, nothing crazy. Hours later I see it’s turned off. Won’t come back on, I left the back off with the battery out overnight, all SEEMS dry, but nothing; it won’t do a thing. Sad thing is that I’m abroad for another week and NEED my phone whilst I’m here. Not to mention it’s my alarm for exams I have coming up!

  33. Vickie says:

    I dropped my phone in a cup of tea, but it did not turn itself off, I dried it as best I could, put it back in my pocket and then when I next came to use it the screen was entirely black. Its a Samsung U600 which is a slide phone so i’m assuming that the tea got into the screen through the slide part? I have since turned it on and seen a flash of the screen and it also sometimes turns white, but nothing more than that. However every time I turn it on the flash on the camera turns on… ? Any ideas? Its not a great phone but I kinda wasnt planning on replacing it yet…. I have now put it in the airing cupboard in a margarine carton full of rice… fingers crossed it works…

  34. skoo says:

    My phone was left in my bag in which my brother put his bottle of Sprite in..
    I think it might just be the condensation of the bottle or something, but water got into my phone.. It’s working perfectly fine, but there are water marks on the screen.. I’ve tried rice for a day, and some of the water seems to have gone, but will it be ok? I’m just really worried – I love my phone and can’t live without it!!!

    Please someone help?

  35. MiShannon says:

    i had sectionals around a week ago and it began to rain . my motorola cliq was in my bag , i came back and my bag was soaked . we called the t-mobile customer service and they told us about the rice theory . we were far from home and my screen had water in it the battery was soaked and everything else was wet . the color indicators were both red from the phone and battery . it took us around 4 hours to get home, i put my phone in a sock to keep it dry . when i got home i put it in rice . the next day it wasnt’t completely dry . i kept it in their for about another day t seemed to be around 75% dry so i decided to turn it on . it didn’t work . i left my phone in rice for 4 days and it dried completely out but now when i put on the charger or try to cut it on it vibrates like it’s suppose to the keyboard lights up but my screen doesn’t work …. pls help :( :( :( i haven’t even had it for a month

  36. harsh sapra says:

    i dropped my nokia 5800 in toilet.
    its battery was empty before it fell. now i hav put it in a bowl of rice. hoping to see it work in a perfect condition after 1 day.

  37. Dave says:

    I dropped my phone in the water also like 3 days ago but the thing is i already tried charging it and turning it on so idk if it will still work hopefully it does i have a sony ericson T715a

  38. share says:

    my blackberry 8330 fell in a sink full of water earlier today. i took the batter out and dried each pice of my phone. so i have it in a bowl of rice now, i hope this works b/c i cant live with out my blackberry. :”"”"”"/

  39. Miekaa says:

    my blackberry 8520 (3 days old) fell in water for like 10 seconds. I blow dried it and I put the battery in , the key board light up and it keeps vibrating … I seeen the screen do that clock thing for like 5 secs then stopped but kepy virbrating what should I do? I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY BABY

  40. brittney caroveo says:

    my samsung intensity got soaked with juice and it turns on fine but the buttons wont work will it still work if i put it in rice

  41. Malalalala says:

    My aino got soaked in the rain yesterday. I took it apart and let it air dry but it still caused damage and some of the buttons on the right side doesn’t work at all. I hope putting it in a bowl of rice will fix it up :o

  42. Ms. Sancha says:

    so i have a samgung reclaim. I was carrying a million things and since am so clumsy i dropped it in water, i still kinda watched it drown kinda laughed too.. Anyways i took it out of the water took out the battery sucked out all the water with a vaccum then blow dried it for like 20 min let it charge for a lil bit. And thats how am writting this mgs to u fine ppl… The key is not to try and turn on ur phone right away… Try drying it SUCK the water out FIRST b4 U BLOW DRY!!!!

  43. Mr. thomas says:

    i went swimming with my lg keybo in my pocket for a good ten minutes then realized and rushed out out, i just put it in a bowl of rice now, any got a clue if itll still work

  44. Shim says:

    so what if you didn’t notice the phone had water damage until it turned off by itself. thats what happened to my phone…and i only knew it was water damage because the sticker changed color on the back and a few drops of moisture near the sim card. no idea what happened…does the rice theory still work???

  45. Crystal says:

    Has this worked with a Cliq? Windex was spilled on my friends’ phone tonight, she did turn it back on, it;s acting weird. I told her about the rice, and I hope it works. Insurance is $130, it’s a brand new phone!!! So, any cliq users, does this work?

  46. BA says:

    I have an HTC Pure that i bought in february and earlier today went swimming with it. I completely forgot i even had my phone on me, but what’s done is done. I put it in the rice about an hour ago and am praying that it works again. I had it in my pocket while swimming though for at least a good hour.

  47. romyy says:

    ok so i jumped in the pool with my fone in my hand….stupid right and now it wont turn on and you ca see water on the screen….WAT DO I DO!? and that happend yesterday by the way

  48. michelle :) says:

    hi i dropped my phone in a chlorine pool a couple years back. could i still “revive” it?

  49. Annabelle says:

    Trying this with my boyfriends new samsung galaxy s he got, which is sad cause he received it the day of his bday, which was perfect, but loved it so much they jumped in the pool together the next day. He didn’t put in rice till that night but he said that it turned on and you can hear it but it sounds drowned and the screen is still messed up but we’re gonna leave it in there another day or two.

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