Hackers Port Google Android to the iPhone

Posted by Dhruv Bhutani, International Correspondent
on Apr 27th, 2010 GMT +2

iPhone Google AndroidGLOBAL - Owners of the popular iPhone have another reason to rejoice. Developer PlanetBeing has successfully ported a build of Google Android 1.6 to the iPhone.

Along with dualiBoot loader, it is possible to run both Google Android and iPhone OS on the same device. The early build of Android running on the device has drivers for the LCD Touch Inputs and WLAN. The device is stable to enough to test out.

We can expect a final version of the software soon which will enable average users to dual boot between Android and iPhone OS on their device. However, the question remains if users will actually use it. Consumers generally buy the iPhone to get into the Apple ecosystem of applications and shifting to the Android OS is going to get rid of that advantage.

The system image and documentation of the dual-boot program can be downloaded here.

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