Google Nexus One Gets Quake 3, to Receive Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Posted by Meraj Chhaya, Editor-in-Chief
on May 11th, 2010 GMT +2

Google Nexus One Quake Kwaak 3GLOBAL - The HTC-manufactured Google Nexus One, marketed by the search giant as a "superphone", will soon receive the firmware upgrade to Google Android 2.2 (Froyo). In related news, Quake 3, a classic first-person shooter game, has been ported to the same handset.

The Nexus One will always receive preferential treatment from Google, in what concerns to software upgrades. It was the first to run on Android 2.1 with Navigation, and it should be the first smartphone to received the Froyo upgrade.

Google probably hasn't began manufacturing its own devices as it is studying the market penetration it can achieve by siding with HTC. The latter manufacturer produced a Nexus One variant for itself, the HTC Desire.

Google Android 2.2 should be showcased at the upcoming Google I/O conference, this May 19-20th, and besides bug fixes, Adobe Flash 10.1 is expected to be bundled with the system. The homescreen too will be slightly modified, with an added search box, updated launcher, and an Android tutorial.

There was a considerable delay in porting Quake 3 to the Nexus One, mainly as there was a lack of hardware controls on the handset. The volume keys and the trackball control the gameplay, although the developers have complained about the video quality, which to them, is sub-par.

The installation notes are available for any user who wishes to try it out.

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