Four New Samsung Bada Phones, Future Plans Leaked

Posted by Meraj Chhaya, Editor-in-Chief
on Apr 5th, 2010 GMT +2

Samsung Bada smartphones 300x213 Four New Samsung Bada Phones, Future Plans LeakedST PETERSBURG, Russia - During a MobileMonday event, Samsung held a Bada Developer Day, where it showcased its latest software platform, in an attempt to attract potential software developers. In one of its slides, there was a brief mention of four new, cheaper Bada phones to be unveiled in the future.

There is no detailed information on these new smartphones, besides them being cheaper, and two of them having a hardware slide-out QWERTY keyboard. These should be regular variants of the Wave - some thinner, some with less features, and others with keyboards.

Besides explaining the internal workings of the Bada system, the presenters at the event also went over Samsung Mobile's latest user interface, TouchWIZ 3.0, and its integrated Social Hub.

In the near future, Samsung plans to expand its Bada smartphone to 75 countries, 156 operators, and offer more than 6 500 apps to go with it. The manufacturer actually expects to soon overtake Nokia's marketshare, according to the slide below.

Samsung Nokia marketshare 300x204 Four New Samsung Bada Phones, Future Plans Leaked

A new developer competition was introduced at the event, with a total prize of US$2.7m, with the winning programmer taking home US$300 000. The contest is limited to Russia and ends on the 15th of August.

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2 Responses for “Four New Samsung Bada Phones, Future Plans Leaked”

  1. AMora says:

    Bada with QWERTY keyboard

  2. Zamroni says:

    Why should Samsung create another OS? Symbian and Android is free and they should use it. I doubt other manufacturer will use this OS.

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