First Symbian^4 Screenshots Published

Posted by Dhruv Bhutani, International Correspondent
on Jul 21st, 2010 GMT +2

Symbian^4 UI screenshot 1 163x300 First Symbian^4 Screenshots PublishedGLOBAL - As the open source Symbian^4 operating system heads towards completing more of its code, screenshots of the new Orbit UI have appeared.

The user interface, which has taken important cue points from both the iPhone and Android UI, is shown-off in a series of screenshots of the OS running in an emulator. One can easily observe the new status bar which is present permanently on top of the display and provides relevant data.

The operating system is also making heavy use of drop-down menus. Symbian^4 also provides up to seven homescreens which can be fully populated with widgets.

The soon-to-be available Nokia N8 high-end smartphone will run on Symbian^3, which can be understood as a slight upgrade over the current Symbian OS9.4 platform.

The software platform now has an app launcher which can sort applications into categories and will also let users find apps as the named is typed. The operating system is headed towards code completion by the end of the 2010. We can expect to see devices based on Symbian^4 by Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers from 2011.

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